About Aaron Task

Aaron Task is an award-winning journalist, video and podcast host, and digital content strategist. Currently, he is the host of Seeking Alpha’s Alpha Trader Podcast.

Prior roles include: VP and Editor-in-Chief at Experian Consumer Services; Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Finance and an on-camera host of The Daily Ticker; Digital Editor of Fortune, where he also served as a host for videos and Fortune’s first podcast, Fortune Unfiltered.

Before joining Yahoo in 2008, he spent 10 years at TheStreet.com in a variety of roles, including Executive Editor and host of The Real Story podcast. Task was contributing editor to Barry Ritholtz's 2008 book Bailout Nation and a regular guest on CNBC, CBS This Morning, Fox Business, ABC News and other outlets.

A graduate of Rutgers College, Task lives in Montclair, NJ with his wife and their four children.

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Aaron Task